Working Ensemble

Coworking + Childcare
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Come make the most of guilt-free time where you can focus on your work while your children enjoy the quality care we provide, all in one location.

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What is Working Ensemble

We are not a daycare. We are a solution, or system, focused on you, parents, who need an alternative to traditional childcare to meet the needs of your freelance/entrepreneur working schedule.

The system consists in 3 easy steps: Buy some Half-Days online, Schedule them, online too, and Come reap the benefits!

Here is what one Half-Day, of 3 hours, contains:


  • - A seat at the community table in the shared workspace
  • - Free reliable wifi
  • - Free coffee and tea, and snacks (including dark chocolate!)
  • - Access to the kitchen with a sink, fridge and microwave (Bring your own lunch)
  • - Possibility to use a spare room for your phone calls/meetings (guests welcome, some restrictions may apply)
Shared workspace
NOTE: Parent must remain on site and be readily available while the children are under our care.


  • - Activities (including but not limited to: free play, crafts, reading, coloring, tracing etc...) by certified educators in the play area, while you are working in the workspace. You are, of course, welcome to take sneak peeks.
  • - Snacks: you can bring their own, or we have some (Let us know of any allergy)
Play Area

How WE Works

Here are the steps to take to take advantage of this solution:

The Half-Days are available from Monday to Friday:
From 9:00am to 12:00pm and from 12:30pm to 3:30pm, OR from 10:30am to 1:30pm and from 2pm to 5pm. (Let us know if your needs are different, we'd love to see if we can make it work.)

Step 1:

Buy Half-Days

You can buy Half-Day one by one, or a package, to use monthly, via the link above.

Step 2:

Schedule your Half-Day

48 hours notice is preferred (12 hours minimum) to book online. If you see some availability in the calendar below, you are welcome to come, even at the last minute.

Availability Calendar

You can come at the last minute!

If you see a time slot with availability ("X spots available"), you can drop-in and buy your Half-Day on the spot.

If you prefer to make sure there will be a spot for your child, email us at and I'll reserve it for you.


Coming soon...

Send me your questions and we'll answer them here.

Coming soon too: option to come without your child to benefit from the shared workspace and community even when your child has care/school elsewhere.

Note: There are 2 cats at the house. They are friendly and will certainly come to see who you are before disappearing for their daily "day long" nap. If you feel they can pose a problem, let me know and I'll set up a room for them during the time slot.


Opportunities to work with us

The are on the path to create the "Airbnb for Coworking with Kids". Contact us to see how you can get revenue, on top of the benefits mentionned above, by hosting our solution from your own home? Send an email to

Are you a corporation looking to add childcare to your space in a flexible way? Contact us to see how we can do it toghether at

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